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We strive to get you the best deal on the hard to find tickets to live events. We hope to satisfy your needs and give you the best customer experience possible



Will my seats be together?
Tickets are guaranteed to be together, unless the seller’s notes say otherwise. If tickets are listed in a general category, zone, section, or row, we guarantee that they will be together. Examples of these sorts of notes are: "Zone A," "Section 200," "Row 102," etc.

However, sometimes the notes say something like "Section 2," "rows A-Z" or "Section 2," "Rows A and B," "piggybacked" which lets you know that the seats may not be together. If they are “piggybacked,” it means one seat is in front of the other, but in 2 separate rows.

Why aren't seat numbers listed for the tickets?
Our ticket sellers don't list seat numbers to prevent double-booking tickets. Because transactions take place in real time, it is possible for a set of tickets to be purchased at the exact same time by two different individuals. In order to prevent this confusion, our sellers instead list general rows and sections. They often have several groups of tickets, so if multiple orders come in, they can successfully fill them (without anyone getting upset or disappointed!).

What is the difference between an E-Ticket and a Paperless ticket?

An e-ticket is a ticket that can be emailed. These tickets are either emailed from the seller to the customer, or printed out by the seller and FedExed to the customer. These tickets are perfectly legitimate and valid for entry. They have barcodes like normal "hard tickets," and you or the ticket seller can print them out yourself. Often, the notes for these ticket types say things like "e-ticket," "etix," "Ticketfast," or "Can be emailed."

Paperless tickets aren't like traditional paper tickets, and they don't involve having a physical ticket in hand. Instead, these tickets require the ticket seller to accompany you to the venue's box office. Our ticket listings will indicate which tickets are paperless with notes such as "I will be attending the event, and will accompany you to the box office at the venue."

How do I find the tickets I'm looking for?
You may use our simple search bar at the top of the page to search by Artist, Venue, Team, City, or State. When you have found the event you want, click the "Find Seats" button to see what groups of tickets are available. Selections of tickets, with quantities and price per ticket will be shown in a table on the left-hand side of the page. On the right will be the venue map. Some of our maps are simply images, some are interactive, and some even have pictures from the seats to the stage, all to help you find what you're looking for. When you choose your tickets, click the "Select" button. The next page will ask you to select how many tickets you would like to purchase. There are certain quantities listed. Make your selection and click the "Buy Now" button and proceed to checkout.

How do I use the interactive maps?

Interactive maps can be incredibly useful tools for finding the tickets you want. We want to make the interactive maps easy to understand and use. Here are a few tips:

  • Hover over a shaded section to get a pop-up bubble showing how many tickets are available in the section and a range of prices. Select the desired section to see a list of all the available tickets in that section. You can select more than one section to dd more tickets to the list.
  • Use the plus and minus (+, -) buttons, or your mouse's scroll wheel, to zoom the map in to see sections in greater detail. Use the directional buttons or drag the map to reveal hidden sections.
  • Hover over a ticket listing to have its section highlighted on the map. If the map is zoomed in, it will move to bring the highlighted section into focus.
  • Some interactive maps include seat views. Simply hover your mouse over a section to see a photo of the view from that seat. Click on that section as per normal to view all of the tickets in that section at the top of the ticket list on the left.


Where do the tickets come from?
Our online exchange functions as a massive marketplace for tickets. Sellers include firms, box office promoters, licensed ticket sellers, and individuals like you, with tickets on hand that they don't need.

Sellers use the online exchange to list their extra inventory. When a customer orders tickets on our website, the order is then filled by the ticket seller who listed them. So, while we manage the online exchange on which the tickets are posted, we do not hold the actual tickets.

Is my transaction safe?
When you buy tickets on our site, you can be assured that you are conducting a safe transaction. We have worked hard to go above and beyond what is considered standard internet security, to assure that our website and offices are PCI Compliant and McAfee Secure. Any questions you have about your order will be handled swiftly and efficiently by our professional customer service team. Additionally, if there are any issues with a seller fulfilling your order, we guarantee your purchase 100%.

How do I contact you?
If you have any questions about an existing order, please refer to your order confirmation email for the toll free number. If you have not iredered but have a question, please contact us at [email protected].


When will my tickets ship, and how soon will they arrive?
Many of our ticket sellers make their tickets available to you before they have even been printed, which gives customers an edge on getting great seats in advance. Because this sometimes happens, tickets may not be “in hand” at the time of purchase.

Seller notes often indicate when an order will ship (at the latest), so customers know when to expect their tickets. They may also note that tickets are "in hand," which means they can ship immediately. After your tickets have shipped, you will receive a FedEx tracking number, so you may track your purchase.

Either way, we guarantee your tickets will arrive in time.

How are my tickets shipped?
Tickets are shipped via FedEx. Shipping via FedEx is secure and safe for both ticket buyers and sellers on our website. FedEx allows our ticket sellers to ensure that the tickets they sell have arrived to the proper recipient, and ticket buyers can track the progress of the package.

The event is too soon to wait for shipping and I need a ticket. What can I do?
Many ticket sellers will choose to deliver tickets close to the event by one of three methods: will-call, local pickup, or email.

  • Will-call means that you will pick up the ticket at the venue box office window.
  • Local pickup will require that you pick up your tickets at a location up to 30 minutes away from the venue.
  • Email means that the seller will email you the tickets before the event
Please note that these delivery methods are at the discretion of the seller, so be sure to choose tickets where the listing specifically states one of these methods, or contact the seller after buying a ticket to confirm that you will be able to get a ticket by will-call, local pick-up, or email.

What if something happens with my order? Is there a purchase guarantee?
We want to make sure that our sellers provide customers with the tickets they were promised. In order to protect you, we offer the following money back guarantee:

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if:

  • Your order is accepted by, but not delivered by the seller
  • Your order is accepted by, but shipped too late by the seller for the tickets to arrive in time for the event
  • You were denied entry because of the tickets or invalid tickets were provided by the seller.(1)
  • And, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if:
  • Your event is cancelled entirely with no rescheduled date.(2)


  • (1) Verifiable proof must be provided by the venue in written letter format. Written or stamped "voids" do not constitute verifiable proof.
  • (2) 100% refund for a cancelled event excludes shipping.

Can I cancel an order after it is placed?
As a general rule, all sales are final. Please be absolutely sure you want to purchase the tickets before ordering.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
That depends on what state you live in. Sales tax is only collected for certain locations, as required by law. In these situations, the tax will be applied before your credit card is charged.

Can I combine shipping?
Similar to other large online shopping entities (such as Amazon), the inventory in our exchange comes many different sellers. Therefore, we cannot guarantee combined shipping.

However, in the case that some or all of your tickets are from the same seller, you may contact them after your order is confirmed to request that the shipping be combined. This service is at the discretion of the seller.

Can I ship to a P.O. Box?
Yes, tickets can be shipped to P.O. Boxes. Just un-check the box next to "use my billing address as the shipping address" in checkout and enter your P.O. Box information.