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When someone says the term ‘rock concert’ it brings to mind a specific type of musical performance performed by a specific type of band. Rock ‘n roll has many different sub genres to be sure but most rock concerts are characterized by bands that have at least one member that plays an electric guitar, another one that plays bass guitar and of course a drummer. In most cases the two men playing guitar also are the lead singers and rhythm keepers for the rest of the band, oftentimes singing duets. Interestingly enough, although rock concerts are typically known to be something that was started in America, they really gained traction during the 1960s during the ‘British Invasion’ by British rock bands like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and others.

It was during the 1950s that the term rock ‘n roll was first coined actually, and music historians attribute the phrase to a disc jockey named Alan Freed. Indeed, Mr. Freed organized many of the very first rock concerts in the United States and, since then, it has become a staple of entertainment all over the world.

As far as the format of rock concerts is concerned, Bill Graham is the man most responsible for what today’s modern rock concerts look like. Before he came along the idea of selling tickets in advance was unheard of. Of course today that idea has grown to computerized and online ticketing but, before Mr. Graham came along, tickets were normally sold the day of the concert at the event itself. Bill also introduced modern security at rock concerts and made sure that venues were large enough, safe and had clean toilets.

No matter where you go to a rock concert in the world, you can be assured that there’s going to be all sorts of interesting behavior on display. Dancing and singing are obvious but you’ll also find many people shouting, streaking and throwing things at the stage (like underwear). Many times the musicians join in and there are many rock bands that have been known for their riotous concerts and crazy antics. One thing is for sure, rock concerts generally speaking have an atmosphere that’s similar to a circus but much more fun for adults.

Today rock concerts can be seen as a symbol of America and the world’s increasing lack of formality. It can be said that during the tumultuous decades after World War II, including the 50s, 60s and 70s, rock concerts were crucial to the formation of a general youthful identity. During the social revolution of the time rock concerts represented the rebellious spirit and the sweeping changes that were occurring in many parts of the world. It was in the late 1960s that one of the most famous concerts was held, Woodstock, A concert that for many was the zenith of the decade.

Simply speaking, there’s nothing quite like the excitement and electricity of a live rock concert. Being able to watch a famous band perform live is great in and of itself but being able to watch them with thousands of other people together can be very heady indeed. Of course there are many smaller clubs and it’s here where a lot of rock ‘n roll bands started but, no matter where they are entertaining, rock concerts big and small have been entertaining people for quite a while. Let’s hope they keep on doing the same thing for a while longer (at least). Long live rock!