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Benson Henderson is a name that is synonymous with mixed martial arts (MMA) as opposed to boxing. However, many people may not know that the former MMA champion has also tried his hand at boxing.

Henderson, a 36-year-old fighter from Colorado, had a successful career in MMA before announcing his decision to pursue a career in professional boxing. He made his debut in December 2020 against Mexico's Samuel Vargas, which he won by a unanimous decision. Since then, he has been moving up the ranks in the boxing world.

It is worth noting that although Henderson has experience in striking through his training for MMA, the sport of boxing requires a different skill set and approach. For one, boxers are not allowed to kick, elbow, or grapple, so fighters have to solely rely on their hands to deliver punches and block incoming strikes. Additionally, the level of technique and proficiency required to excel as a boxer differs from that needed in MMA.

However, despite the differences in the two combat sports, Henderson has shown immense promise in his pursuit of boxing. He possesses a significant advantage as he has a wealth of experience in fighting under high pressure circumstances, which translates seamlessly into boxing, where composure under duress is paramount.

Aside from this, Henderson's ring generalship, footwork, and ability to control the pace of a fight give him an edge over his opponents. His ability to defend and counter-punch while being able to throw offensively makes his boxing style unpredictable.

Moving forward, it remains to be seen how far Benson Henderson can go in the sport of boxing. But one thing that everyone agrees on is that he is a tenacious, hardworking fighter who dedicates himself to mastering his craft. His passion for the sport and dedication to training will undoubtedly make him a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

In conclusion, Benson Henderson's move from MMA to professional boxing is an exciting development for combat sports fans. Having already proven himself in the octagon, he now has a new challenge to test his skills and abilities. While only time will tell how successful he'll be, his initial performances indicate that he's on the right track and we look forward to watching him carve out a new path in the world of boxing.

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