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Betty's Boxing in Relation to the Art and Sport of Boxing

Boxing is a sport that has been around for centuries. It has become one of the most popular fighting sports in the world, with millions of people around the globe practicing it as a way to stay fit, compete, or defend themselves in threatening situations. Among the many boxing gyms and clubs globally, Betty's Boxing has emerged as a champion not only in fitness and boxing training but also in empowering women in the sport.

Betty's Boxing is a boxing gym located in New York City's West Village that caters specifically to women. Founded in 2015 by head coach Bettina 'Betty' Cornwell, this female-only gym offers an inclusive space where women of all fitness levels, from beginners to professional boxers, can train. The facility also incorporates strength and conditioning programs besides boxing which help participants get in shape quickly.

Betty's Boxing's Unique Offerings

What makes Betty's Boxing unique is their focus on not only training but also creating a community of supportive and like-minded women who share a passion for fitness, empowerment, and self-defense. They provide a wide range of classes, including group workouts, private sessions and boot camps. The gym also offers classes like "Learn to Box" and "Advanced Boxing," which provide a safe and fun environment for women to learn the fundamental skills of boxing while getting in shape and building self-confidence.

In addition to these traditional boxing workouts, Betty's Boxing offers a range of special programs for their members. Many women who are looking to improve their confidence and physical fitness in a fun and engaging way have turned to their "Rock Steady Boxing" program. This program helps individuals with Parkinson's disease fight back against the illness. Additionally, the gym has designed the FIT Program exclusively for women who have undergone or are undergoing breast cancer treatments. These innovative programs involve circuit-style exercises that have proven to be effective in keeping women physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Empowering Women in Boxing and Beyond

Betty Cornwell created the gym with the goal of empowering women through fitness and boxing. She believes that boxing is an excellent tool for building self-confidence and improving physical and mental well-being. By offering classes and programs that cater exclusively to women, Betty's Boxing is also creating a safe space where women can feel confident about trying new things and challenging themselves.


Betty's Boxing is a testament to the power of community and empowerment, especially for women. It has taken the art of boxing and turned it into a tool for confidence and strength-building. This female-only gym offers an inclusive environment where women can learn how to box, improve their health and fitness, and connect with one another. With a focus on individualized attention and unique fitness programs, Betty's Boxing stands out among other boxing gyms, making it a go-to choice for women looking for a fun and supportive way to empower themselves while getting fit.

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