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Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB) is a type of combat sport that has gained popularity in recent years. Some people might think that BKB and boxing are the same, but there are significant differences between these two sports.

Boxing is a sport that involves two fighters wearing gloves and fighting in a ring. The goal of boxing is to knock out or score points by hitting your opponent's body or head. On the other hand, BKB involves two fighters fighting without gloves, using only their bare fists to attack and defend themselves.

One of the main reasons why BKB has become so popular recently is because of its raw and brutal nature. Unlike boxing, where gloves provide a degree of protection for the fighters, BKB fighters have nothing to protect their hands or faces when fighting. This results in more intense and unbridled action in the ring.

Another difference between BKB and boxing is the rules. In BKB, fighters are allowed to clinch and grapple, which is not allowed in boxing. This means that BKB fighters have more ways to attack and defend themselves than boxers.

Additionally, BKB fighters fight in smaller rings than boxers, which means less room to move around and avoid getting hit. This often makes for more aggressive and intense fights, as the fighters must engage with each other quickly.

However, despite all the differences between BKB and boxing, there are still some similarities between these two sports. Both sports require strength, speed, and endurance from the fighter. Additionally, both sports require perfect timing and precision to deliver an effective punch.

In conclusion, BKB and boxing might seem like similar sports, but they have unique differences that make them stand apart. While boxing is more regulated and traditional, BKB is a new and raw version of boxing that has gained momentum due to its exciting and breath-taking display of combat sportsmanship.

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