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Bare Knuckle Boxing, or BKB for short, is a form of boxing that dates back to ancient times. Unlike traditional boxing where fighters wear gloves, in BKB, the fighters are bare-fisted and punch each other with their exposed hands. The sport is gaining popularity among combat sports enthusiasts, and it has sparked debates on whether it's safer than boxing.

Boxing is one of the oldest combat sports in the world, with records dating back to ancient Greece. Over the years, the sport has evolved into different forms such as professional boxing, amateur boxing, and now, BKB. Traditional boxing has rules and regulations that aim to protect the fighters from potential harm. One of these rules is the use of gloves, which aim to reduce the impact of punches and prevent injuries.

In comparison, BKB doesn't allow the use of gloves, which makes it more brutal and raw. Fighters compete in an octagonal ring, and the rounds last for two minutes. The first fighter to knock out their opponent or make them unable to continue fighting wins. The fights are exciting to watch, but they come with serious risks.

One of the criticisms of boxing is the long-term effects it has on athletes. Studies indicate that repeated head trauma can lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease that affects memory and mood. While there have been no significant studies on BKB since it is a relatively new sport, it is easy to see how fighters could be at risk of developing CTE or other serious injuries.

However, proponents of BKB argue that it is safer than traditional boxing. They claim that the lack of gloves leads to fewer head injuries because punches are not absorbed by the padding of gloves. While this may be true to some extent, it's essential to note that unprotected hands are also susceptible to severe injuries such as broken bones, cuts, and bruises.

In conclusion, both boxing and BKB come with their own set of risks. While traditional boxing has rules that aim to protect fighters, it is not foolproof. Similarly, while BKB may seem more savage, the lack of rules and regulations makes it more dangerous. Regardless, both sports have a massive following, and fans will continue to root for their favorite fighters. It's up to individual fighters to decide which sport is right for them and weigh the risks against the rewards.

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