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The Built Ford Tough Series is a professional bull riding championship that highlights some of the best cowboys and bulls in the world. This series, which debuted in 2003, has become one of the most popular rodeo events worldwide.

What sets the Built Ford Tough Series apart from other rodeo championships is its use of top-tier bulls. These bulls are specifically bred for their strength, agility, and aggressive attitudes. They aren't your average bovine – these animals can weigh up to 2,000 pounds and have a reputation for injuring riders who don't know how to handle them properly.

To win in the Built Ford Tough Series, a cowboy needs to stay on his bull for a full eight seconds. This may sound like a short amount of time, but when you're dealing with a bucking, twisting, and turning behemoth, it's no easy feat. The cowboys who participate in this championship are some of the most skilled and experienced bull riders on the planet.

One aspect that makes the Built Ford Tough Series so appealing to fans is the sheer excitement and danger involved. Anything can happen during a ride – a cowboy could get thrown off and trampled, or a bull could suddenly turn and attack its rider. It's the ultimate adrenaline rush, both for the participants and for the people watching from the stands.

Another reason why the Built Ford Tough Series is so popular is that it provides a platform for talented cowboys to showcase their skills and gain exposure. Winning this championship can open doors for riders in terms of sponsorships, endorsements, and future rodeo opportunities.

Overall, the Built Ford Tough Series is a thrilling celebration of all that makes rodeo such an iconic American sport. It brings together the toughest riders and the fiercest bulls for an event that's truly unforgettable – and that shows there's no challenge too great for those who dare to take it on.

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