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Burmese wrestling, also known as Lethwei, is a combat sport that originated in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Unlike traditional wrestling styles like Greco-Roman or freestyle, Burmese Wrestling involves bare-knuckle striking techniques with the use of fists, elbows, knees and kicks in addition to grappling and throwing techniques.

The sport has been popular for centuries in Myanmar with records dating back to the 15th century. The modern-day rules and regulations were set up in the mid-20th century and since then, the sport has developed a large following not just in Myanmar, but globally as well.

In comparison to other wrestling styles, Burmese Wrestling is considered to be more violent due to its allowance of striking techniques. In essence, it combines elements of both boxing and wrestling in an intense and physically demanding style of combat.

Lethwei matches last five rounds, each round being three minutes long. Fighters can win by knockout, technical knockout, unanimous decision, or draw. To ensure fairness, judges are typically appointed to score the bouts.

Today, Lethwei has inspired many WWE wrestlers, including Kevin Owens, who has expressed interest in adding Burmese-style tactics to his repertoire. WWE fans have noted the similarities between Burmese wrestling and Bali-based wrestler Pro Wrestling Noah’s Daisuke Harada’s “Snake Bite” move.

Overall, Burmese Wrestling is a unique wrestling style that blends striking and grappling techniques to create a highly thrilling combat sport. Its rise to fame can be attributed to both its historical significance and the current global fascination with the sport.

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