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Cage Wars XVIII is a mixed martial arts (MMA) event that has gained much attention and popularity over the years among fans of combat sports. However, as a form of fighting, it also raises some questions in relation to boxing.

Boxing, which is one of the oldest combat sports in history, has been around for centuries and has evolved into a highly-technical sport with strict rules and regulations. In contrast, MMA is a relatively new sport that combines various disciplines such as boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu. Cage Wars XVIII showcases this combination of skills, with fighters using their striking abilities as well as taking their opponent to the ground and utilizing grappling techniques.

Although both boxing and MMA are forms of fighting, they have significant differences. The primary difference is that boxing only allows punches, while MMA allows multiple forms of striking as well as grappling on the ground. Moreover, boxing matches usually last for 12 rounds, with each round lasting three minutes, while most MMA fights last for three or five rounds, with each round lasting five minutes.

Another important difference between the two sports is the level of physical contact allowed. In boxing, fighters are only permitted to punch the head and body, while in MMA, competitors can use anything from their fists, elbows, knees, and feet. With the added flexibility of MMA fighters, they can make contact from greater distances than boxers and have greater versatility when it comes to movement and engaging their opponents.

Cage Wars XVIII is a prime example of how MMA takes its roots in multiple martial arts, with different fighters showing off their respective specialties in their styles. It involves not only punching but also kicking, kneeing, and using grappling techniques on the ground. For boxing fans, this may be impressive to watch, but it may take some time to appreciate the full technicality of MMA.

In conclusion, Cage Wars XVIII has something for everyone, from the traditional boxing fan to those interested in the diverse range of skills found in MMA. It demonstrates how both sports consist of highly-trained athletes using their physical abilities to compete to the best of their abilities. While they differ in many ways, both boxing and MMA offer their own unique take on combat sports, ensuring age-old traditions continue to capture the public's imagination.

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