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The world of rodeo is steeped in tradition, with roots that stretch back to the early days of the American West. For generations, cowboys have competed in a wide range of events, from bull riding to calf roping, displaying their skills and athleticism for crowds around the country. But for many years, one group of cowboys was largely overlooked: cowboys of color.

In the early days of professional rodeo, there were few opportunities for non-white riders to compete. Segregation was the norm in much of the country, and many rodeos refused to allow black or Hispanic cowboys to participate. Some riders were able to break through these barriers, but it wasn't until the creation of the Cowboys of Color Rodeo that these athletes had a dedicated platform to showcase their talents.

First established in 1985, the Cowboys of Color Rodeo was founded by Cleo Hearn, a Texas native who grew up watching legendary African American rodeo stars like Bill Pickett and Buster Ivory. Hearn saw firsthand the exclusion and discrimination that black cowboys faced in the industry, and he was determined to create an organization that would provide them with the recognition and opportunities they deserved.

Today, the Cowboys of Color Rodeo is one of the premier events on the circuit, drawing top riders from across the country for a weekend of fierce competition. The rodeo features all of the traditional events—bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, and more—and showcases the incredible skill and athleticism of riders of all backgrounds.

But the Cowboys of Color Rodeo is about more than just showcasing the talents of non-white cowboys. It's also a testament to the power of inclusivity and diversity in sports. By creating a space where all riders are welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, or background, the Cowboys of Color Rodeo is helping to break down longstanding barriers and build a more equitable and just community.

For the riders themselves, the Cowboys of Color Rodeo is a chance to compete at the highest level and be celebrated for their talents. Many have gone on to great success in other rodeo circuits, while others have become ambassadors for the sport, inspiring a new generation of talented cowboys and cowgirls from all backgrounds.

At its core, the Cowboys of Color Rodeo represents the best of what rodeo—and indeed, sports in general—can be: a celebration of skill, courage, and perseverance, regardless of who you are or where you come from. As we look to build a more inclusive and diverse society, events like the Cowboys of Color Rodeo remind us that we all have a part to play in breaking down barriers and embracing the full range of talents and abilities that make us human.

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