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Cuernos Chuecos (Crooked Horns) is a professional bull riding organization based in Mexico that hosts rodeo events throughout the country. Founded in 2000, Cuernos Chuecos has grown to become one of the largest and most popular bull riding organizations in Mexico, attracting thousands of fans to its events each year.

Rodeo has a long and rich history in Mexico, dating back to the early days of Spanish colonization. Mexican vaqueros (cowboys) developed their own unique style of riding and roping, which became known as charreada. This traditional form of rodeo features events such as bull riding, bareback riding, team roping, and barrel racing, and is still popular throughout the country today.

Cuernos Chuecos builds on this tradition by offering top-quality bull riding events that showcase the skills of both riders and bulls. The organization features some of the best riders from Mexico and around the world, and its events are known for their high-energy atmosphere and thrilling performances.

In addition to bull riding, Cuernos Chuecos also offers other rodeo events, such as steer wrestling, barrel racing, and team roping. These events provide a well-rounded rodeo experience for fans and riders alike, and help to showcase the diversity of the sport.

One of the unique aspects of Cuernos Chuecos is its commitment to animal welfare. The organization works closely with veterinarians and animal handlers to ensure that its bulls are treated well and are kept in top condition. Bull riders also must follow strict safety guidelines, including wearing protective gear and being trained in proper riding techniques.

Overall, Cuernos Chuecos provides an exciting and entertaining take on traditional rodeo events. Its commitment to quality and safety ensures that fans and riders can enjoy these thrilling competitions with peace of mind. As such, Cuernos Chuecos has helped to keep the tradition of rodeo alive and well in Mexico.

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