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Dragon Gate Wrestling is a professional wrestling company based in Japan that has gained international recognition for its fast-paced, high-flying style of wrestling. It is known for blending traditional Japanese wrestling with lucha libre from Mexico to create a unique and exciting product that appeals to a wide range of fans.

Dragon Gate Wrestling was founded in 2004 by the wrestlers who had left Toryumon Japan after it merged with another promotion, and they wanted to carry on the legacy of their style of wrestling. The name 'Dragon Gate' comes from the idea of a mystical portal between two worlds where dragons reside.

What sets Dragon Gate apart from other promotions is their emphasis on teamwork and faction warfare. Wrestlers are grouped together into stables or factions, and they often face off against each other in tag team matches. This allows for more intricate storytelling and character development than many other pro wrestling companies.

In terms of the actual in-ring action, Dragon Gate Wrestling is known for its use of high-flying maneuvers and complex sequences. Wrestlers frequently leap off the ropes or springboard from the turnbuckles to deliver aerial attacks to their opponents. This style of wrestling requires a high level of athleticism and coordination, as well as a willingness to take risks and push the boundaries of what is possible in a wrestling ring.

Perhaps most importantly, Dragon Gate Wrestling emphasizes entertainment above all else. The matches are designed to be exciting and engaging, with frequent near falls and high-energy moments that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Wrestlers are encouraged to showcase their personalities and unique styles in the ring, which helps to create distinct characters that fans can identify with and root for.

Overall, Dragon Gate Wrestling is a refreshing and innovative addition to the world of professional wrestling. Its blend of Japanese and Mexican wrestling styles, emphasis on teamwork and faction warfare, and commitment to entertaining its audiences make it a must-see for any wrestling fan looking for something new and exciting.

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