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EFC Extreme Cage Fighting Seek & Destroy, also known as EFC S&D, is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion that has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. As MMA continues to grow in popularity, more and more fans are looking to find the next big thing in combat sports.

One of the key aspects of EFC S&D that sets it apart from other MMA promotions is its connection to wrestling. While MMA and wrestling may seem like two very different sports, there are actually a lot of similarities between them. Both require athletes to be strong, fast, and skilled in a variety of techniques. And both demand a level of mental toughness and strategic thinking that is essential for success.

Many of the fighters in the EFC S&D have backgrounds in wrestling, which gives them a unique advantage in the cage. Wrestling provides athletes with a solid foundation in grappling and takedowns, which are essential skills in MMA. It also teaches them how to control their opponents and use leverage to gain an advantage.

But wrestling isn't just a physical advantage for EFC S&D fighters—it's also a mental one. Wrestling requires athletes to be disciplined and dedicated, with a strong work ethic and a willingness to push themselves to their limits. These are qualities that translate well to MMA, where fighters need to be mentally tough and able to overcome adversity in order to succeed.

Another way that wrestling influences EFC S&D is through the style of fighting that many of the wrestlers adopt. Wrestling favors a ground-and-pound approach, which involves taking an opponent down to the ground and delivering strikes from the top position. This style can be very effective in MMA, particularly for fighters who have a strong grappling background.

Of course, not all EFC S&D fighters come from a wrestling background, and there are plenty of other styles and techniques on display in the promotion. But the influence of wrestling can be seen throughout the organization, from the way that fighters train and prepare for fights to the strategies that they use inside the cage.

Overall, EFC Extreme Cage Fighting Seek & Destroy is an exciting and dynamic MMA promotion that is pushing the boundaries of combat sports. With its connections to wrestling and other martial arts, it offers a unique blend of styles and techniques that make for thrilling fights and unforgettable moments. Whether you're a fan of MMA or wrestling—or both—EFC S&D is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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