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ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) is a Scottish-based wrestling promotion that has been making waves in the industry in recent years. Known for its brutal and hardcore style, ICW has consistently provided an alternative to the mainstream wrestling promotions like WWE.

ICW was founded in 2006 by Mark Dallas and quickly gained a reputation for its raucous atmosphere and edgy content. The promotion has built a loyal following of fans who appreciate its unique brand of wrestling.

One of the reasons why ICW has become so popular is because it offers something different from mainstream wrestling. While WWE and other promotions focus on family-friendly entertainment, ICW caters to adult audiences with its edgy language, bloody matches, and over-the-top characters.

The roster of wrestlers also sets ICW apart from other promotions. Many of ICW's wrestlers have come up through the local Scottish wrestling scene, giving the promotion a sense of community and authenticity that is lacking in other promotions. Fans have grown attached to these wrestlers, following their stories and rivalries as they battle it out inside the ring.

Despite being a relatively small promotion, ICW has managed to attract some big names in wrestling. In 2018, WWE superstar Drew McIntyre made a surprise appearance at an ICW show, further cementing the promotion's place in the wrestling world.

ICW has had its share of controversy, however. In 2017, the promotion faced backlash over a storyline involving wrestler Kay Lee Ray, who was involved in a domestic violence angle with her real-life partner, wrestler Stevie Boy. While the promotion defended the storyline as a way to raise awareness about domestic abuse, many fans and critics felt that it was in poor taste.

Despite this controversy, ICW has continued to grow and expand its reach. The promotion has produced numerous successful events, including the annual Fear & Loathing show, which has become a staple of the Scottish wrestling scene.

In recent years, ICW has expanded beyond the UK market, with shows in Europe and North America. This expansion has helped to raise the profile of ICW and introduce the promotion to new audiences.

Overall, ICW's success can be attributed to its unique style, loyal fanbase, and commitment to providing an alternative to mainstream wrestling promotions. While it may not be for everyone, ICW has carved out a niche in the wrestling world and continues to thrive as an independent promotion.

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