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Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) is a professional wrestling promotion based in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 2006 by Mark Dallas, ICW has risen to become one of the most popular independent wrestling promotions in Europe.

What sets ICW apart from other wrestling promotions is its commitment to extreme and hardcore wrestling. Matches often involve weapons such as chairs, tables, and thumbtacks, and the wrestlers are known for their willingness to take risks and put their bodies on the line.

Despite its focus on extreme wrestling, ICW also boasts a strong roster of talented performers who can hold their own in traditional wrestling matches. Many of ICW's top stars have gone on to compete in major promotions such as WWE and AEW.

ICW events have become famous for their rowdy and passionate crowds, who are known for bringing an unrivaled level of enthusiasm to every match. This has helped to create a unique atmosphere at ICW shows that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

Perhaps one of the reasons why ICW has been so successful is its roots in the Scottish punk scene. Mark Dallas, the founder of ICW, was originally involved in the music world before turning his attention to wrestling. He brought with him a DIY ethos that has permeated every aspect of the promotion, from its production values to the way it engages with fans.

ICW has also been instrumental in developing new talent, giving a platform to wrestlers who might not otherwise have had a chance to showcase their skills. This has helped to foster a thriving wrestling community in Scotland and beyond, building a fanbase that is fiercely loyal and passionate about the sport.

In conclusion, Insane Championship Wrestling is a wrestling promotion that has made a significant impact on the industry. Its commitment to extreme wrestling, combined with a strong roster of performers and a passionate fanbase, has helped to build a reputation for a promotion that is hard to ignore. Whether you're a hardcore wrestling fan or just curious about the sport, ICW is definitely worth checking out.

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