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JUNO is a Canadian music award given annually to recognize achievements in the music industry. However, what many people may not know is that JUNO also has a connection to hockey.

In 2002, JUNO partnered with the NHL to create the JUNO Cup, an annual charity hockey game played between musicians and former NHL players. The event has been hugely successful and raises thousands of dollars for MusiCounts, a Canadian music education charity.

Over the years, many famous musicians have participated in the JUNO Cup, including Jim Cuddy, Barney Bentall, and Chad Brownlee. Meanwhile, former NHL players like Mark Napier, Ron Duguay, and Richard Brodeur have laced up their skates to take on the musicians.

The JUNO Cup showcases the hockey talents of musicians who are often focused on their musical careers. It's a chance for them to step onto the ice and show off their skills while also raising money for a good cause.

It's also a great opportunity for hockey fans to see some of their favorite musicians in a different light. Seeing them play a sport they love can help to humanize them and bring them down to earth. It's a reminder that even celebrities have regular hobbies and passions outside of their work.

In addition to the JUNO Cup, JUNO has also helped to bring together the worlds of music and hockey in other ways. For example, during the 2017 NHL playoffs, JUNO teamed up with the league to feature Canadian artists during broadcasts. Songs were played during intermissions and highlights, and a few artists even performed live at arenas during playoff games.

Overall, JUNO has played a significant role in connecting the worlds of music and hockey. Through events like the JUNO Cup and collaborations with the NHL, JUNO has helped to raise money for charity, provide entertainment for fans, and showcase the talents of both musicians and hockey players.

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