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The Mif 2015 festival, which was held in Moscow October 22-25th, had its focus on the theme "The Third Thought." The festival's goal was to bring together well-known and upcoming artists to showcase their work in various genres, including film, music, theater, and comedy.

Comedy has always been an important part of the festival, and this year it played a significant role in exploring the concept of "The Third Thought." Many comedians used their performances to explore the idea of three perspectives - those of the performer, the audience, and the object being represented. This open space for perspective allowed comedians to share unique experiences and ideas, leading to new and exciting forms of humor and entertainment.

One of the most notable comedic performances at Mif 2015 was by comedian Ivan Urgant, who presented his latest stand-up show "Fantastic Lift." In his routine, Urgant explored the idea that comedy can bridge the gap between society's preconceived notions about what is right or wrong. With the aim of making people laugh, he created something completely out of the ordinary, thus challenging societal norms.

Other comedians also used their acts to explore the limits of comedy. For instance, stand-up comic Ksenia Sobchak talked about her experiences dealing with media censorship in Russia. Her performance brought laughs while shedding light on some serious issues facing the country.

In addition to famous comedians, up-and-coming faces also made a splash at the festival. Comedy duo Kadik and Gorsky put on their show "Stupid Fun," which proved to be a hit, thanks to its lighthearted vibe. The talented pair tapped into the playful side of human nature, creating a sense of warmth and joy in the process.

Overall, there was a certain playfulness and experimentation with comedy at Mif 2015. As audiences were introduced to different forms of humor, they were able to see the world through different lenses and experience new perspectives. Comedy was used as a way of breaking down societal barriers and exploring what it means to experience the world from multiple angles.

In conclusion, comedy played an important role in exploring "The Third Thought" at Mif 2015. From well-known faces to up-and-coming comedians, each performer brought something special and unique to the table, challenging audiences to broaden their perspectives. Through laughter, comedy was able to create a space for exploration and creativity, taking viewers on a journey that they're sure to remember.

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