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The NFL Draft is an annual event that takes place each year, typically in late April or early May. The draft is essentially a process by which all 32 teams in the National Football League get to select the best young talent from college football and other leagues around the world.

The draft is considered one of the most important aspects of the NFL season, as it is the primary way that teams can add new talent to their rosters and build towards future success. There is always a great deal of excitement leading up to the draft, as fans and analysts alike speculate on which players will be chosen by which teams, and what kind of impact those selections may have on the upcoming NFL season.

Of course, the NFL Draft is only one part of the larger picture of the NFL season. Once the draft is complete, teams still need to put in the work on the field to turn their newly acquired talent into wins. This is where NFL football itself comes in - the games, the rivalries, and the intense competition that make this sport so beloved by millions of fans around the world.

For many fans, the draft is just the beginning of the excitement of the NFL season. As the regular season gets underway, every team has its eyes on the ultimate prize: the Super Bowl. Throughout the season, there are countless ups and downs, close calls, and unexpected surprises, as teams strive to secure their spot in the playoffs and battle their way to the big game.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of a particular team, or simply love the sport of football, there's no denying that the NFL Draft and NFL football itself are deeply intertwined. Without the former, there would be no new young stars to help carry the league forward; without the latter, there would be no reason for those stars to strive for greatness week after week. Together, these two elements create the dynamic, exciting, and endlessly entertaining world of professional football that we all love and cherish.

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