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NXT Live, the touring brand of WWE's developmental system NXT, might seem like an odd comparison to make with boxing at first. After all, one is a scripted entertainment product while the other is considered by many to be the purest form of athletic competition.

However, when you consider the similarities in terms of building hype for matches, creating star power and putting together compelling storylines, there are clear parallels between the two.

One of the main draws of NXT Live events is seeing future stars of WWE in action before they become household names. Fans come to see wrestlers who they believe have the potential to become the next The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Similarly, in boxing, there is always excitement around up-and-coming fighters who have yet to establish themselves as champions or earn big paydays. Fans follow their progress closely, hoping their potential turns into success.

NXT also focuses heavily on storytelling, with wrestlers developing characters, feuding with each other, and building up to climactic matches. In the same way, boxers often use trash talk and heated rivalries to build interest in their fights and sell tickets.

Both NXT and boxing rely on creating memorable moments to keep fans invested. Whether it's a thrilling match with breathtaking spots or a boxer landing a knockout punch, these unforgettable moments leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Another similarity between the two is the importance of having a strong supporting cast. In NXT, wrestlers often work with managers and valets to add depth and intrigue to their personas, while promoters similarly rely on undercard bouts to create a full night of entertainment for fans.

In boxing, it's not just the main event that draws people in; the quality of the undercard can make or break a show. A strong slate of fights leading up to the main event creates a buzz and makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience overall.

Of course, there are also differences between NXT Live and boxing. For one, no one is actually trying to physically hurt each other in NXT (at least not outside the predetermined boundaries of a match). But ultimately, both forms of entertainment aim to captivate, thrill and create unforgettable moments for their audiences.

So while NXT Live and boxing may appear to be vastly different pursuits on the surface, the similarities in terms of hype, marketing, star power, and storytelling mean that they share an important common ground.

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