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The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is an annual celebration of video games, board games, and all things nerdy. Thousands of gamers flock to the convention center in Seattle to play unreleased titles, attend panels, and meet with fellow enthusiasts. But PAX also has another notable feature: a strong connection to theater.

Every year, PAX features several theatrical performances. These range from live-action role-playing (LARPing) to full-blown musicals. The most well-known of these shows is “Acquisitions Incorporated,” a Dungeons & Dragons game played live on stage by a group of actors and comedians. The show has been a staple of PAX since 2008, and its popularity spawned a spinoff comic book series and a video game.

“Acquisitions Incorporated” is a fantastic example of how gaming and theater can intersect. The show is essentially improv comedy with a fantasy gaming twist. The audience watches as the players roll dice, make decisions, and react to unexpected curveballs thrown their way by the Dungeon Master. It’s like watching a high-stakes game of make-believe come to life. And because the performers are experienced comedians, the show is always hilarious.

But “Acquisitions Incorporated” is just one of many theatrical offerings at PAX. Other events include “Theater of the Mind,” a storytelling panel featuring professional writers and performers, and “Omegathon,” a tournament-style competition that culminates in a dramatic finale.

This focus on theater is not accidental. Gamers and theater lovers share many of the same qualities: a love of storytelling, a deep appreciation for escapism, and a willingness to embrace creativity and imagination. Both mediums require actors to fully commit to their performances and engage with their audiences. And both offer a sense of community, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passions.

Furthermore, PAX founder Jerry Holkins has a background in theater himself. Holkins started his career as an actor and playwright before shifting his focus to video games. He has said that he sees PAX as a kind of “performance art,” a place where gamers can come together to create a shared experience.

In this way, PAX is more than just a convention – it’s a celebration of creativity in all its forms. By incorporating theater into its programming, PAX shows that gaming is not just a hobby but a vibrant, dynamic culture with many different facets. And as the convention continues to grow and evolve, it’s likely that we’ll see even more exciting developments at the intersection of gaming and theater.

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