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RFA 31 is a mixed martial arts (MMA) event that showcases some of the top fighters in the sport. While the primary focus of RFA 31 is on MMA, there are often boxing matches featured at the event as well.

Boxing has long been associated with combat sports and is one of the oldest forms of competition in human history. The sport of boxing highly depends on the athletic prowess, skill, and technique of the contenders. It can be said that despite being a striking-based sport like MMA, boxing has its own characteristic that truly defines the fighter's ability to dominate their opponent.

One of the reasons why boxing is often incorporated into MMA events like RFA 31 is its rich history and popularity among fans. Even those who may not be huge MMA enthusiasts are likely familiar with the names Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, or Floyd Mayweather Jr., all legendary boxers in their respective eras. Boxing has transcended the sport into popular culture and has become an international phenomenon recognized by people worldwide.

Incorporating boxing matches into an MMA event like RFA 31 serves to expand the reach of both sports while providing an added level of diversity for the audience. For instance, a fan who primarily enjoys boxing might tune into RFA 31 specifically to watch a boxing matchup taking place at the event, and discover his or her appreciation of other disciplines such as kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, or wrestling.

Moreover, boxing and MMA share many similarities, particularly when it comes to certain fundamental techniques like striking and footwork, making it easier for a boxer to adjust to the cage. In the past, we have seen boxers such as James Toney, who crossed over from boxing to MMA but unfortunately was unable to match his boxing success in MMA. On the other hand, former UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor, who made his name fighting in the cage, is currently making waves in the boxing world after taking on Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In conclusion, RFA 31 is an exciting event that offers fans a blend of combat sports, including boxing matches. Incorporating this classic sport, with its time-honored traditions, and passionate fanbase to a high-level event such as RFA 31 encourages cross-promotion and raises public awareness of MMA. It also serves as an opportunity for boxers to showcase their skills and even possibly make a transition into MMA like what McGregor did a few years ago.

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