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Satyagraha is a term that originally comes from the Indian language Sanskrit, and it means “holding on to truth.” It was first introduced by Mahatma Gandhi as a revolutionary concept of non-violent resistance against oppressive systems.

Classical opera, on the other hand, is a genre of music that emerged in the 17th century in Italy. The art form features vocal singing accompanied by symphony orchestras and exhibits intricate musical structures. Classical opera typically focuses on dramatic or romantic themes and uses grandiose venue design to convey its spectacle.

Despite the vast differences between the two terms, there are several similarities between Satyagraha and classical opera that are worth exploring. Here are some of them:

1. Use of Chorus

Chorus work is one feature that sets classical operas apart from popular music. Similarly, group harmony is an essential element of Satyagraha. Hymns like Vaishnava Jana To and Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram convey the significance of collective action reinforcing each member's willpower. This effect can also apply to audiences of classical opera forms, such as Handel's Messiah chorus which commands an emotional response for its audience for the powerful choirs.

2. Spectacle

As mentioned earlier, classical opera relies heavily on visual spectacle. Similarly, Satyagraha makes effective use of captivating examples to sway people's opinions about social justice issues by keeping people engaged. Mahatma Gandhi’s hunger marches, strikes, and passive resistance campaigns all focused on gathering crowds, resulting in strong influence and significant change.

3. Emphasis on Belief

Satyagraha emphasizes achieving a societal goal through harnessing the power of belief. A person carrying out Satyagraha effectively implements non-violence because he believes in a direct resolution to his conflict without struggling to fight with violence what ultimately causes more hardship. In classical Opera, belief is also an essential component—for instance, in opera, there needs to be complete trust and faith between the cast members in order for a production to function effectively.

Therefore, despite the significant dissimilarities between the two terms, classical opera, and Satyagraha have some similarities that are worth exploring. This underscores the importance of the power of human connection to either send emotions through artistic expression or unite people towards a social justice goal.

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