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SeriesFest is an annual festival that celebrates television and storytelling in all its forms. While the focus of the festival may seem to be rooted in the world of TV and film, there is actually a strong connection between SeriesFest and theater. In fact, the two mediums share many commonalities that make them perfect bedfellows.

One of the primary ways in which SeriesFest intersects with theater is through the storytelling itself. Both mediums rely heavily on character-driven narratives that draw the audience in and keep them engaged. Whether it's a one-hour TV drama or a two-act play, the success of the story hinges on the audience's investment in the characters and their journey. Similarly, both TV and theater often utilize cliffhangers or other dramatic devices to keep viewers and audiences coming back for more.

Another way in which SeriesFest relates to theater is through the creative process. Just like playwrights, television writers must craft compelling scripts that not only provide a satisfying complete narrative each episode but also work as part of a larger arc across a season or series. Additionally, both theater and TV require strong direction, acting, and cinematography to bring those scripts to life in a way that engages the audience. These elements are critical to creating a seamless and immersive viewing experience, whether that experience is happening on a television screen or a stage.

SeriesFest even has a direct relationship with theater, as it features live script readings as part of its programming. These readings showcase the written word of up-and-coming television writers in much the same way that staged readings highlight new plays in development in the theater world. Viewers can see firsthand how a script evolves from initial conception to final product, while writers can get valuable feedback from industry professionals and the audience itself.

Ultimately, the intersection of SeriesFest and theater is evidence of the deep ties that bind these two mediums together. Both are forms of entertainment that rely on strong storytelling, compelling characters, and the creative talents of a wide range of professionals. Whether we're watching our favorite TV show or attending a play at our local theater, what draws us in and keeps us engaged is the same: a great story that resonates with us, connects us to the world around us, and perhaps even inspires us to think and feel in new ways.

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