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Boxing is a sport that requires not only physical but also mental readiness. The day before the fight is crucial in terms of preparing for the battle in the ring. It is the day when fighters typically undergo various activities to ensure they are at their best when facing their opponents.

The day before the fight, boxers often do light workouts such as shadowboxing and calisthenics to warm up their muscles. They also do light jogging or run early in the morning, which serves as their final preparation for the fight. This routine allows them to feel the rhythm and get used to the venue where they will be fighting.

To make sure they follow the right diet plan, fighters strictly monitor their food intake the entire week before the fight. This includes eating high-protein foods such as chicken breast and fish. They also avoid foods that could cause bloating, including carbs and fruits with high sugar content.

As much as boxing is about power and strength, it is also about strategy and mental toughness. Thus, boxers engage in mental training during this crucial period leading to the fight. Mental training includes visualization techniques where the fighter imagines themselves winning the match. They also talk with their coaches and psychologists to encourage positive thinking and develop the appropriate mindset.

Aside from physical and mental preparation, fighters are also engaged in what we call “media mile." These are interviews arranged by the promoter to promote the match and let the public know more about the fighters. In addition to this, the fighters undergo the weigh-in ceremony, where they are weighed in front of the media, fans, and their opponent. This event is essential since fighters are required to meet their weight class requirements.

The day before the fight is an intense period for boxers – they are on the brink between excitement and nerves. As much as they want to focus on the fight, they can’t help but be struck with anxiety, knowing that the following day could change their entire life. The fighter is on edge, anticipating every second of the countdown.

Therefore, it is crucial that boxers take this day to relax, gather their thoughts, and focus on their upcoming fight. It is a time when fighters usually spend some alone time, listening to music, or watching their past fights to stay motivated. With proper physical preparation, good mindset, and a positive mental attitude, the boxer is ready to hit the ring and win the fight.

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