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Triad Boxing, also known as triangular boxing, is a new combat sport that combines boxing with elements of Muay Thai and MMA. Triad Boxing utilizes a triangular ring and three fighters per bout, adding a level of complexity and excitement to the traditional sport of boxing.

However, the sport has faced many tribulations in relation to boxing, as it still struggles to gain recognition and legitimacy among boxing enthusiasts. Some critics argue that triad boxing undermines the purity and integrity of boxing as a sport by adding additional rules and techniques, while others simply refuse to acknowledge it as a legitimate combat sport altogether.

Triad Boxing's current state of tribulation can be traced back to its origins. The sport was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2018, with the goal of providing an alternative form of entertainment for fight fans. However, their lack of experience and foresight led to several early defeats, including a publicized incident where one of the fights ended in a draw due to confusion over the scoring system.

Additionally, the sport has faced backlash from traditionalists who believe that boxing should remain pure and unchanged. Some critics have even gone so far as to call triad boxing a circus act, arguing that it detracts from the skill, technique, and strategy involved in classical boxing.

Despite these challenges, Triad Boxing remains determined to secure its position as a legitimate and worthwhile combat sport. The founders have dedicated themselves to improving the sport's safety standards and enhancing the quality of the fights. They have also taken steps to clarify the rules and scoring system, ensuring that all bouts are fair and transparent.

Furthermore, Triad Boxing has gained significant media attention, thanks in part to social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. These platforms have allowed fans and enthusiasts to discover and follow the sport, building a following and increasing its visibility.

In conclusion, Triad Boxing may be facing tribulations at present, but it is clear that the sport has potential. While there is much work to be done, the founders and participants remain committed to developing and promoting the sport of triad boxing. It may not replace classical boxing anytime soon, but it certainly adds an exciting new dimension to combat sports.

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