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Wrigley Field is among the most iconic baseball stadiums in all of MLB. The nostalgia, atmosphere, and fan experience at the Chicago ballpark are unmatched by any other stadium in the league. However, what sets Wrigley Field apart from other baseball stadiums is the rooftops surrounding the park. These rooftops provide a unique viewing experience for fans that is like no other in the world of baseball.

The Wrigley Field rooftops have been around since the stadium was built in 1914. As early as 1918, Cubs fans would climb up on the roofs of apartment buildings across the street to watch games. In the beginning, the owners of these buildings had no objection to the fans watching from their properties, but eventually, they began charging admission for the view. This practice continued until the mid-1980s when the Cubs organization sued several rooftop owners for infringing on their copyright. Eventually, a settlement was reached, and the owners were able to continue operating their businesses.

Today, there are several rooftops that surround Wrigley Field, offering fans a chance to watch the game from a unique perspective. Fans who purchase tickets for the rooftop seating areas can enjoy food and drinks while watching the game. These rooftops often feature amenities such as flat-screen TVs, luxury seating options, and private bathrooms. The rooftop experience offers a VIP-like atmosphere that you cannot find anywhere else in baseball.

For many years, the rooftop owners had an agreement with the Cubs organization that allowed them to sell tickets to watch the game on their rooftops. However, this changed in recent years when the Cubs organization decided to install giant video boards in the outfield. The new video boards obstructed the view of some rooftop owners, and they filed a lawsuit against the Cubs. A settlement was reached in 2016, allowing eight rooftops to continue operating.

Despite the legal battles, the Wrigley Field rooftops remain a popular attraction for Cubs fans. The unique vantage point provides a fun and festive environment that is unmatched by any other stadium in the league. It offers a chance to be a part of the game-day experience while enjoying all the amenities and luxuries of a private box. For many fans, watching the game on the rooftops has become a tradition that they continue to uphold year after year.

In conclusion, the Wrigley Field rooftops have become an essential part of the fan experience at Chicago Cubs games. It provides a unique vantage point that allows fans to feel like they are a part of the action. While legal battles have attempted to block this phenomenon from continuing, rooftop owners have persevered. The rooftops surrounding Wrigley Field remain as iconic as the stadium itself, and they will continue to attract fans from around the world.

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