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The 2017 Michigan Women's Golf Summit was a conference dedicated to advancing the role of women in the sport of golf. The event was held over two days and included various workshops, keynote speakers, and expert panels.

The summit was attended by a diverse group of women within the golf industry, including golfers, coaches, club managers, and business owners. The overall goal was to discuss challenges and opportunities for women in golf and how the industry can work towards greater inclusion.

One of the central themes of the summit was the importance of improving access to golf for women. Many attendees noted that golf can often be an expensive and exclusive sport, which can make it challenging for women to participate. As a result, there was discussion about finding ways to make the sport more affordable and inclusive, such as offering beginner's clinics or creating mentorship programs.

Another focus was the need to promote female role models within golf. Attendees discussed how showcasing successful female golfers could inspire other women to take up the sport. This includes highlighting lesser-known women's golf events and history, along with promoting women's successes on social media.

Several speakers also touched on broader issues of gender inequality in the workplace, noting that many women in the golf industry face unique challenges when trying to advance in their careers. Examples include limited networking opportunities and unconscious bias from male colleagues. To address this, attendees brainstormed ways to build supportive networks for women in golf, such as creating mentorship and sponsorship programs.

Overall, the 2017 Michigan Women's Golf Summit was a valuable opportunity for women in golf to come together and discuss ways to improve the sport for everyone. By focusing on issues of accessibility, representation, and inclusivity, attendees hoped to move towards a more equitable future for golf.

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