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The 2K Classic is an annual college basketball tournament that has been hosted by the ESPN family of networks since 1995. The tournament is named after its title sponsor, the video game publisher 2K Sports, and typically takes place in November.

The 2K Classic is one of many early-season tournaments that dot the college basketball landscape. These tournaments provide a chance for teams to play multiple games in a short period of time against opponents they may not face during their regular conference schedule. They also give teams a chance to gain valuable experience against high-quality opposition before diving into conference play.

Over the years, the 2K Classic has featured some of the top teams in college basketball. Past champions include Duke, Indiana, North Carolina, Syracuse, and UConn. The tournament has also served as a launching pad for individual players on the national stage. Former NBA stars such as Tim Duncan, Chris Paul, and Stephen Curry all made their name at various early-season tournaments before going on to great success at the professional level.

From a more practical standpoint, the 2K Classic serves as an important revenue stream for both the participating schools and the hosting network. Colleges receive compensation for playing in the tournament, while ESPN gets a steady stream of programming content during a relatively barren time of the sports calendar.

Overall, the 2K Classic is just one piece of the larger puzzle that is college basketball's non-conference season. However, it remains an important event in its own right, providing a platform for some of the nation's best teams and players to showcase their skills.

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