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Belmont Park, located in Elmont, New York, is known for its grand horse racing events which take place throughout the year. However, on July 6th, 2019, the park hosted a different kind of racing event: the Belmont Park Stars and Stripes Day.

Stars and Stripes Day is an annual Independence Day celebration event that takes place at Belmont Park, showcasing world-class thoroughbred racing and a range of fun off-track activities for families and fans alike. In recent years, Belmont Park has expanded its offerings to include auto racing, adding an extra dimension of excitement to the day's events.

The auto racing segment of Stars and Stripes Day was held on the outer parking lot, where a variety of classic and exotic cars were displayed for guests to admire. Fans had the chance to learn about each car's specifications and history from their owners (who were more than happy to chat), before heading over to watch them race.

Unlike traditional horse racing events, auto racing does not rely wholly on chance or luck. Instead, events such as the Belmont Park Stars and Stripes Day offer racers the opportunity to showcase their driving skills and automotive prowess in a more controlled environment.

Racers competing in the Belmont Park auto race came up against the usual challenges associated with racing around tight bends and alongside other cars. However, they also had added deterrents such as hay bales to avoid, making it a challenging course overall. These added obstacles made for tons of excitement, and the crowds cheered loudly every time there was close contact between drivers.

In the end, the automobile racing at Belmont Park Stars and Stripes Day proved to be a hit with both motorsport enthusiasts and casual spectators alike. It provided a great showcase for car collectors to display their prized possessions while allowing racers to compete on a challenging course in front of a cheering crowd.

Overall, the inclusion of auto racing at Belmont Park's Stars and Stripes Day was a welcome addition to the already impressive Independence Day celebration. It allowed for fans to enjoy two forms of racing, making the event even more exciting and memorable. Indeed, Belmont Park Stars and Stripes Day is quickly establishing itself as a must-attend event for anyone who loves high-quality entertainment, with both horse and auto racing being essential parts of the festivities.

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