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Vi is a fighting game character from the League of Legends franchise. She has been a popular pick among fighters in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, but what does she bring to the table for MMA athletes? In this article, we'll explore Vi's moveset and how it can be used in real-life combat.

Vi excels at close-range brawling; she moves quickly and strikes hard. Her kit includes a charged punch, a ground-pound that knocks enemies into the air, and a grapple that pulls opponents towards her. In game, these abilities are translated into flashy combos and devastating burst damage. However, when applied to MMA, Vi's moveset becomes less flashy and more practical.

One of Vi's core abilities in-game is Vault Breaker, a charging punch that travels a set distance, dealing damage and knocking up any hit enemy. This move is similar to a classic lead hook - an attack that is thrown with the lead hand and is often used as a counterpunch or setup for other strikes. Fighters who have trained in boxing or kickboxing may find that incorporating a similar punch from their arsenal would allow them to capitalize on openings or create new ones.

Vi's second ability, Heartbreaker, sees her leaping into the air and crashing down onto the ground, dealing damage and slowing enemies in a small area around her. While this move might not seem particularly useful in a cage fight, it can be repurposed. Fighters could mimic Vi's movement by taking their opponent down and dropping their body weight onto them, trying to cause as much damage as possible while keeping the person grounded.

Finally, Vi's third ability, Assault and Battery, is a targeted grapple that pulls the enemy towards her and deals damage. This move is reminiscent of Judo throws - techniques that are designed to use the opponent's momentum against them, taking them off balance and putting them in a vulnerable position. MMA fighters who have trained in wrestling or Judo could take inspiration from Vi's moves and work on incorporating more throws and takedowns from different angles to mix up their approach.

In conclusion, while Vi may not be a direct training tool for MMA, her moveset can provide valuable insight for fighters looking to add new elements to their game. Her charged punch, ground-pound, and targeted grapple all have real-life applications, and with a little creativity, fighters could learn to utilize them in novel ways. As with any training technique, it's important to remember that video games aren't a substitute for actual combat - but as a source of inspiration, they may help fighters break out of old habits and discover new strengths.

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