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Singer, Songwriter John Mayer

Singer, Songwriter John Mayer

A multi-platinum record selling singer and songwriter, John Mayer is famous not only for his music but for his writing skills, his acting and his winning smile and good looks.
Born John Clayton Mayer on October 16, 1977, Mayer’s first two studio albums included Room for Squares in 2001 and Heavier Things in 2003. His song “Your Body is a Wonderland” has also won him a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

John was born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut and, after high school, he attended Berklee College of Music in the great city of Boston. Although today he lives in Montana, it was after he moved to Atlanta in 1977 that he became famous and gained the large fan following that he enjoys today.

Most of his music these days is derived from the blues and Mayer has collaborated with some of the greats including BB King and Buddy Guy. Interestingly, his career actually began with mostly acoustic rock but his move to a more bluesy sound is credited for his two awards at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards where he won for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance as well as Best Pop Focal Album for his album Continuum.
His 6th studio album, Paradise Valley, was released in August of this year to mixed but mostly positive reviews. Since entering the music scene his albums have sold over 10 million in the United States and, impressively, over 20 million albums around the world.

Interestingly enough, Mayer’s music is only one of several talents that he has including standup comedy, writing, graphic design and even hosting his own short-lived television show.
Mayer is also known for his work with charities as well as several different environmental causes to which he’s lent his help. For example, he founded the nonprofit organization “Back to You” in 2002, focusing on education, healthcare and the arts. “Back to You” raises most of their funds through Mayer’s auction site where many exclusive items such as his guitar picks and signed CDs have been auctioned off to much success.

Another fascinating talent that Mayer has is designing and he was even quoted in Rolling Stone magazine as saying that one of his biggest dreams was to be able to design a sneaker for Air Max, an acclaimed sneaker design company. He also told Rolling Stone that, in 2003, he actually considered getting out of the music industry and becoming a full-time design student. In fact, guitar models released by Martin Guitars as well as 2 Fender Stratocaster electric guitars that were designed by Mayer are very impressive and much sought after by collectors.

Mayer is also an accomplished writer and has had articles featured in Esquire magazine as well as hosting 4 blogs on the Internet. There is his official site of course and then he also has a Tumblr site, a MySpace page and over on a photo blog. Mayer is also quite popular on the microblogging website Twitter where his posts about life in the music industry as well as pictures, jokes and comments about his personal activities.

Mayer writes lyrics as well and, with musician Demi Lovato, penned the words for her song “Worlds of Chance” on her album Here We Go Again in 2009. As if that wasn’t enough, this multitalented musician has also hosted his own half-hour comedy special on VH1 as well as making numerous television appearances on TV shows such as the Late Show with David Letterman and, in a notable comic turn, on comedy sketch program Chapelle’s Show with host Dave Chapelle.

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