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Horse racing is a sport that has been around for centuries, captivating spectators with its speed and grace. And what adds to the drama of horse racing is the concept of Call of the Card.

Call of the Card is a practice that’s been in use ever since horse racing began. But what exactly is it? Essentially, this call is a public prediction of the starting prices that bettors can expect for each horse running in a particular race.

The call is typically made by an expert bookmaker, sometimes known as a “call man” or “caller.” This person gives their assessment of what each horse’s odds are likely to be and what the chances of winning are. They also take into account a range of elements, such as the horse’s form, trainer, and jockey.

Traditionally, Call of the Card was a live event held on the day before a Horse Racing event. Die-hard punters would attend the event to hear the predictions and adjust their bets accordingly. Nowadays, Call of the Card tends to be made online, so all those who have an internet connection can access the predictions from wherever they might be.

But why is Call of the Card so important? There are various reasons - primarily, the call helps punters work out where they should place their bets. When a race is highly anticipated, and there’s a lot expected from certain horses, the Call of the Card can give a clear indicator of which horse to favor.

This can help bettors make informed decisions about how much they want to stake on their horse. Moreover, if the odds suddenly change shortly before a race begins, bettors can always re-evaluate their choices.

However, sometimes the actual odds for a horse can differ significantly from the predicted odds given in Call of the Card. Therefore, punters should combine Call of the Card with other information forms such as a horse’s past performance records, jockeys, weights, and other such relevant factors.

In conclusion, Call of the Card is a valuable tool that both punters and bookmakers use to make informed decisions in Horse Racing. Betters can take advantage of this unique opportunity to scrutinize horses and favor the horse that fits their preference. While outcomes may surprise you, fact-checking your decision based on past performances with available resources such as Call of the Card should help bettors make more informed choices at the racetrack or online bookmaker.

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