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Girls in Gis Florida-Jacksonville: Elevating Women in Jiu-Jitsu

Girls in Gis (GiG) is a non-profit organization that aims to empower and elevate women in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The organization hosts events where female BJJ practitioners can gather, train, and support each other. One of their chapters, Girls in Gis Florida-Jacksonville, has gained attention for its commitment to providing opportunities for women to learn and thrive in the martial art.

Rolling with Confidence: Girls in Gis Florida-Jacksonville Hosts Dedicated Workshops for Women

The Florida-Jacksonville chapter of Girls in Gis holds workshops throughout the year that focus on different aspects of BJJ. These workshops are led by experienced women instructors and participants come from all levels, including beginners who are new to the sport.

These events offer an opportunity for women to gain confidence in their abilities while learning new techniques, tips, and tricks. Additionally, at these workshops, women make connections and friends with other women who share their passion for BJJ.

Support Group: Girls in Gis Florida-Jacksonville Encourages Women to Support Each Other

One of the reasons that Girls in Gis has grown so much and garnered such positive attention is due to the supportive environment they create. Women who attend Girls in Gis events report feeling welcomed and supported by their fellow female practitioners.

This support translates into more than just words of encouragement. Because of the focus on women, attendees are able to work with others who are often overlooked in training sessions. It's common for women to be one of very few, or even the only, women in a gym or class, and this can lead to feelings of isolation or discomfort. At a Girls in Gis workshop, however, women can find themselves rolling with and against other women of all skill levels.

Pushing Boundaries: Girls in Gis Florida-Jacksonville Defies Stereotypes

Girls in Gis is not just a group of ladies who train BJJ - they're women who are passionate about the sport. The members of Girls in Gis Florida-Jacksonville are no exception to this. They defy stereotypes about what it means to be a woman and what sports or activities women should participate in.

Women in BJJ often bear labels like "tomboy" or "masculine". These descriptions can create limiting beliefs that may prevent some women from trying out the sport. Through Girls in Gis, however, women see other women excelling in BJJ, challenging g ender norms and defying stereotypes.


Girls in Gis Florida-Jacksonville serves as a shining example of how women can support each other and rise to prominence in martial arts. Women who attend their events feel welcomed into a community that provides them with high-quality training and instruction. With these efforts, Girls in Gis Florida-Jacksonville is creating a brighter and more inclusive future for the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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