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Roller derby and horse racing may seem like two vastly different sports, but they both share the same passion for competition and the desire to make a difference in their communities. That's why it was no surprise when the HVH-MRRD Roller Derby team decided to host their annual Whips Cancer event, uniting both sports to raise money and awareness for cancer research.

Whips Cancer is not only a play on words with the roller derby term "whip," referring to when one skater propels another forward, but it's also an important cause that resonates with many individuals. Unfortunately, cancer affects too many people worldwide, and the HVH-MRRD Roller Derby team wanted to do their part in contributing to finding a cure.

During this year's Whips Cancer event, the roller derby team hosted a fundraiser benefiting the American Cancer Society. The team opened up the event to the community, encouraging attendees to donate money to the cause while enjoying food, music, and of course, a roller derby match. Additionally, they sold special Whips Cancer merchandise, with all proceeds also going towards the American Cancer Society.

But where does horse racing come into play? Interestingly enough, whips are also commonly used in horse racing to urge the horses to run faster. However, in recent years, there has been growing concern about the use of whips in horse racing and its effect on the animals. Multiple studies have shown that whipping horses causes pain and distress, leading to calls to ban the practice altogether.

This parallel between the two sports showcases how taking action for a cause can transcend beyond just one community. By incorporating the message of Whips Cancer into their event, the HVH-MRRD Roller Derby team brought attention to the harmful impact of whips in horse racing while advocating for a cause close to their hearts.

Overall, the Whips Cancer event united two seemingly unrelated sports to create a meaningful and impactful fundraising opportunity. Through the roller derby community's dedication to raising awareness and funds for cancer research, they have created an opportunity for other sports communities to come together and make a difference. As always, it's essential to look towards the broader message behind each cause and find ways to implement change in our daily lives, regardless of what sport or community we're a part of.

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