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When people think of classical music, they often picture orchestras and symphonies playing works by the likes of Beethoven and Mozart. However, classical music spans beyond just these names, and can encompass a variety of genres and styles. In recent years, one genre that has captured the attention of classical music enthusiasts is film music.

Film music has come a long way from its early days when it was often seen as background noise to accompany the visuals on screen. Today, film composers are highly respected in the music industry and their work is celebrated through events such as Jaws in Concert.

Jaws in Concert is a live performance event that features the iconic score of Steven Spielberg's classic 1975 film, Jaws. The film's score was composed by John Williams, who is considered by many to be one of the greatest film composers of all time. Jaws in Concert brings the score to life by having a live orchestra play along with a screening of the film.

The idea behind Jaws in Concert is to showcase the power of film music, and how it can have just as much impact as any other form of classical music. The score for Jaws is a perfect example of this - it's a piece of music that is instantly recognisable and has become an integral part of the film's legacy.

It's not just Jaws that has been given the orchestral treatment either. A growing number of films are being celebrated through similar events, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones. These events allow audiences to experience the full impact of the film's score in a way that simply wouldn't be possible by just watching the movie alone.

As well as showcasing the power of film music, events like Jaws in Concert also highlight the versatility of classical music. The notes and melodies created by composers such as John Williams are just as rich and complex as those found in more traditional classical music. They have the ability to evoke emotion and create atmosphere, just like any other form of classical music.

In conclusion, Jaws in Concert, along with similar events, are a testament to the power of film music and its place in classical music. Their popularity shows how today's audiences are embracing new and alternative forms of classical music, and that there is always room for innovation in this ever-evolving genre.

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