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Like Moths to Flames supporters, get enthused because your favourite metalcore band is rocking its way to your location! Now you can experience this gifted crew present their extraordinary musical mix of music, and sing together with the band to a lot of your fave tracks! Like Moths to Flames tour tickets are going fast and can get more expensive last minute, so don't let pass your chance to get tickets on sale for less today and to witness live when they make their next stop at your local venue.

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Some of the popular songs for Like Moths to Flames are "You Won't Be Missed", "Some Nights", "GNF", "The Worst In Me", and "Your Existence".

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Like Moths to Flames (LMTF) is a metalcore band from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2010, and since then it has become one of the most popular bands in the genre. LMTF is known for their energetic live performances that leave audiences exhilarated.

One of the highlights of attending an LMTF concert is the electrifying experience of being in the crowd. Fans of all ages gather together to headbang and mosh as the band plays some of their greatest hits. The heavy riffs and aggressive breakdowns make the atmosphere intense, creating an adrenaline-fueled journey that fans revel in.

The band's chemistry on stage is another factor that makes their concerts a must-attend event. Each member of the band brings their unique talents to the table, and they synergize to create an unforgettable musical experience. Chris Roetter's scream is raw and passionate, complementing the melodic backing vocals sung by Aaron Evans and Jeremy Smith. Guitarists Zach Pishney and Jeremy Smith deliver intricate riffs and solos with precision, while drummer Greg Diamond drives the rhythm section forward.

In addition to playing their own brand of heavy metal, LMTF also puts on an impressive light show during concerts. The combination of powerful music and striking visuals creates an immersive sensory experience that leaves fans amazed. The bright lights and pyrotechnics heighten the effect of the already massive music, making the concerts a total package.

Moreover, LMTF's inclusive and welcoming atmosphere adds to the value of the concerts. They encourage fans to be themselves and express themselves freely. The band members have often shared their own personal experiences during their shows, inspiring many struggling fans. This open communication between the band and their audience creates a unique bond that ultimately inspires positivity and growth.

Overall, LMTF's concerts are energetic, explosive, and well worth the investment. Their passion for music and performance is infectious, and it leaves fans with a memorable experience. If you're a fan of metalcore, heavy metal, or live music in general, you should not miss LMTF's next gig. The electric atmosphere, the raw energy, and the engaging performances will leave you wanting more.

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