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Jun 28
Fri 4:00
NHL Draft
The Sphere at the Venetian Las Vegas -
Las Vegas, NV
Jun 29
Sat 8:30
NHL Draft - Rounds 2 - 7
The Sphere at the Venetian Las Vegas -
Las Vegas, NV

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The NHL Draft is one of the most important and exciting events for hockey fans and players alike. It determines the future of their favorite teams and the next generation of NHL stars. Understanding the NHL Draft and its relation to NHL hockey is key to appreciating the league and the game as a whole.

What is the NHL Draft?

The NHL Draft is an annual event where NHL teams select eligible amateur players from North America and Europe. Players can be selected in two ways: either they are automatically drafted based on their age, or they choose to enter the draft by registering with the NHL.

The draft order is determined by the standings from the previous season. The teams that finished at the bottom of the league get to pick first, followed by those who performed better. Each team gets one selection per round.

How does the NHL Draft impact NHL hockey?

The NHL Draft has a major impact on NHL hockey as it determines the future of each team's roster. Teams need to carefully evaluate and select the best available players who can fulfill their needs and goals.

For example, if a team needs a skilled forward, the chances are they will use their early-round picks to draft the best forwards available. Alternatively, if a team needs a defensive player, they might focus on selecting the best defensemen in the draft. Ultimately, the goal is to build a well-rounded, competitive team that can excel both offensively and defensively.

In addition, the drafting process is also important for scouting and developing players. Teams invest resources in identifying and evaluating young players, hoping to find the next NHL star. Scouts monitor games, interview players, and assess their skills and potential to ensure they are making informed decisions during the draft. Once the players are drafted, organizations work to develop them through their farm system, helping them to reach their full potential as professional hockey players.


The NHL Draft plays a crucial role in shaping the future of NHL teams and the game of hockey. As fans, we eagerly await each draft pick and watch as teams try to bolster their rosters, aiming for success in the coming seasons. With the right scouting and drafting strategies, teams have a chance to build a championship team, while players have an opportunity to reach their dreams and become NHL stars.

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