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The NHL100 Classic is an event that every hockey fan should witness at least once in their lifetime. It is a celebration of the National Hockey League (NHL) for achieving its centennial milestone, and it seems to be getting better each time.

For hockey fans, many of their favorite moments in NHL history are tied to outdoor games like the Winter Classic. Outdoor games may seem like a wayward deviation from the game’s usual settings, but they bring unprecedented excitement and thrill to an already captivating sport. The NHL100 Classic will remind fans of why they fell in love with the sport, with more added emotion.

In 2017, Ottawa hosted the NHL100 Classic at Lansdowne Park which featured two Canadian rivals, the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators. The classic brought together different aspects of hockey culture including the passionate francophone rivalry between both teams as a tribute to Canada's longstanding hockey legacy. Fans had a day to celebrate Canada as they honoured the NHL legends and renowned players who have made an impact on the game.

The outdoor game showcased the essence of hockey just as it would have been played back in the days of the "original six". There was something magical about watching these two very contrasting teams, one a legendary powerhouse and the other, a rising star on the block, blanketed in snow as snowflakes trickled down the arena. This picturesque setting allowed fans to witness a one-of-a-kind game where greats were celebrated, and new talent was forged.

The NHL100 Classic is much more than an outdoor hockey game. It's a celebration of hockey as a whole, where no matter which team you support, there is mutual respect and admiration for the achievements of great players. It’s not only a celebration of the players who’ve come before, but also of the fans who've devoted their time, energy, and money to make hockey what it is today.

From young children learning how to skate on outdoor rinks to the dedicated fans in the stands, hockey has become a big part of Canadian culture. The NHL100 Classic is a testament to just how important this sport is to Canadians and how they will forever cherish it.

In conclusion, the NHL100 Classic is a reminder that hockey is more than just being a sport. It's about fandom, community, passion, and respect, all of which are vital aspects of the Canadian culture. The classic brings together all those who have contributed to the game’s success and reminds us why we love hockey, and why it will always be an important part of our lives.

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