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Totepool Racedays are some of the most highly anticipated events in the world of horse racing. These occasions draw huge crowds of racing enthusiasts who come from all over to enjoy thrilling moments of high-stakes competition between top-class racehorses.

These racedays typically occur throughout the year, with more than one million customers participating every year. They are among the best days to experience horse racing, offering plenty of excitement, glamour, and entertainment.

The Origins of Totepool Racing

The Totepool brand has a long history in British horse racing, with its origins dating back to the 1920s. The company's first pool system was introduced in 1928, and it quickly became a popular way for punters to place bets on races.

In 2011, the Tote was acquired by Betfred and renamed as Totepool, which operates under this name until today. Despite the rebranding, Totepool racing remains an integral part of the British horseracing world.

What Is A Totepool Racemeeting All About?

A Totepool raceday is usually defined by big races, including Group or Listed races, and sometimes even Classic contests. As mentioned earlier, these races tend to draw huge crowds, making the events very social occasions.

Many people flock to Totepool racemeetings because they offer a chance to see the sport's best horses and jockeys compete; it's also an excellent opportunity to dress up for the day and enjoy some first-class hospitality. In general, these mounted-soirees attract many celebrities from the world of showbiz or sports, corporate clients entertaining their guests, or just friends having a great day out together.

Of course, apart from the intrinsic appeal of watching these elite horses hit speeds of up to 40mph, there's an added thrill associated with placing bets on the races. The uniqueness of Totepool betting is that all bets are pooled together and shared out among the winning customers after deductions are taken.


Totepool racemeetings recreate an atmosphere that is considered one of the most enjoyable aspects of horse racing - the thrill of spending a fantastic day out at a top-class sporting occasion. Combining intense competition, socializing, and entertainment creates an unforgettable experience for all who participate in these events.

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